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Curator’s Choice

Each year we approach one of the many great silver collections in the UK and ask its curator to highlight a piece of their choice that they consider to be of particular interest, appeal or significance. This year we wanted to explore a different approach and asked Harriet Scott, Head of Goldsmiths’ Fair, for her top choices from this year’s Goldsmiths North exhibitors.

Harriet Scott

Head of Goldsmiths’ Fair, The Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths

Harriet has been working at the Company for 8 years. She has a demonstrated history of working in the arts and crafts industry, in addition to studying and working briefly in the Interior Design sector. Harriet has developed an extensive knowledge of the studio jewellery and silversmithing industries, representing makers internationally.
For more than four decades, Goldsmiths’ Fair has brought together a selection of the UK’s best contemporary jewellers and silversmiths, giving visitors the opportunity to buy directly from makers and to discuss their skills, practices and inspirations, accompanied by a dedicated talks programme and exhibitions.
“As the Head of Goldsmiths’ Fair – which for more than 40 years has championed the work of independent UK based silversmiths and jewellers – it is wonderful to see Goldsmiths North, co- founded by Rebecca Jocelyn and Brett Payne, going from strength to strength. Of the sixty highly-skilled craftspeople exhibiting at this year’s event in Sheffield, I’ve chosen four whose work, methods and materials have captured my attention.”

Harriet’s Choice

Rachel Jones – Stand No. 39

Rachel Jones is a fine jeweller based in Cockpit Studios in Bloomsbury, London. Rachel creates one-of-a-kind pieces made from her own alloyed ‘Spectrum Gold’ and combines this with specially hand-selected gemstones, sometimes matching the gold to the gemstones to create colourful and striking pieces.

“Providing a real alternative to classic jewellery pieces, Rachel creates her own gold alloys, giving her the ability to offer a wide and interesting spectrum of colours within her pieces, both in the chosen metal and through the use of beautiful gemstones.”

Clio Saskia – Stand No. 45

Clio Saskia is a designer and maker of ethical fine jewellery inspired by our weird and wonderful natural world. With an eye for detail and a background in traditional sculpture, Clio hand carves precious jewels which bring to life exotic creatures found from deep under the sea to high up in the jungle canopy.

“Clio has spent time in Australia hand-mining her own gemstones and continues to seek out the very best ethically sourced materials for use in her pieces. Studying sculpture provided her with an understanding of 3D long before she turned her hand to lost wax carving exquisite jewellery pieces focused on the natural world. Her lizards and snakes being a firm favourite with my daughter, who loves all reptilian life forms!”

Francisca Onumah – Stand No. 42

Sheffield-based Francisca Onumah works with sheet metal, layering rich textures onto dark, subdued anthropomorphic forms. Figurative vessels and objects are formed using various fabrication techniques. Characterised by vulnerably precarious postures, complementary and mirrored silhouettes are enhanced by a dark oxidised finish.

“Fran enjoys highlighting imperfections in her work which would ordinarily be removed. Her objects interact with each other in a very human way, making her work feel figurative and sociable, whilst displaying a vulnerability through clear and intentional tool marks.”

Sheng Zhang – Stand No. 21

Sheng Zhang is a UK-based contemporary jewellery and silversmithing designer-maker whose designs are usually influenced and inspired by minimalist art, contemporary architecture and geometrical form. Considering boundary, volume, silhouette, capacity, shadow and subtle detail, his practice concentrates on exploring the connection of internal and external, positive and negative space in his vessels and containers.

“A silversmith and jeweller of precision and perfection, Sheng’s work combines digital technologies with traditional practices allowing him to create extraordinary pieces of minimalist purity.”

Come along to this year’s Goldsmiths North to see Harriet’s chosen makers for yourself. The Fair is open Friday 7th – Sunday 9th July.