Shinta Nakajima

Creating sculptural works through hammering and chasing

Morvarid Alavifard

Intricate and interactive artworks and jewellery from fine metal


Francisca Onumah

Rich textures, layered onto dark, subdued anthropomorphic forms

Helena Russell

Pieces that slot together and some which include a range of handmade fittings

Jacqueline Warrington

Myths, legends, saints, gods and goddesses manifested in illustrative silver pictures

Contour Map Collection

Topographical metal map wall art and silver jewellery

Jen Ricketts

Functional silverware of intricate city skylines and the great British countryside

rebecca joselyn goldsmiths north 2020 exhibitor

Rebecca Joselyn

Changing our views on objects and their acceptance within society

Fred Rich Goldsmiths North 2020 Exhibitor

Fred Rich

Taking the field of art enamelling to the limits

Brett Payne Goldsmiths North 2020 Exhibitor

Brett Payne

Function and elegance combine in individually handcrafted silverware that is luxurious to use, striking to look at and fascinating to own