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Goldsmiths North Year 1

The start of something new and exciting for the North of England

This summer saw the first ever Goldsmiths North and the start of something new and exciting for the North of England. For one weekend in July, Goldsmiths North brought the finest contemporary silverware and jewellery to the Cutlers’ Hall in the heart of Sheffield. Our exhibitors were all independent makers at the top of their game and represented some of the best, most interesting and highest quality work being made in the industry today.

We wanted to offer visitors a shopping experience that isn’t available on the high street – a chance to engage with and buy direct from the makers themselves. We’ve never been more conscious of where the things we consume come from. The things we eat, drink and wear matter to us, as do the people who make them.

Our Experience

In the presence of something special

As professional silversmiths, with over 40 years of business experience between us, we at Goldsmiths North can testify to the genuine delight that craftspeople take in making their work and in getting to know the clients who eventually take their pieces home. By putting on a public selling event like Goldsmiths North we wanted to provide people with an opportunity to come and experience that for themselves.

Jewellery and silverware is like music or theatre – it can be recorded in a studio, held captive in a showcase, it can be written about and photographed but it is only live performance that reveals whether it has a soul. There’s something about the brilliance of a diamond, the weight and the lustre of silver, the majesty of gold that makes us feel that we’re in the presence of something special. Buying online doesn’t cut it. You’ve got to be there.

At a time when everything from coffee blends to beauty products is billed as ‘unique’, true uniqueness is an elusive quality. We’ll let you into the secret – buy handmade and buy direct from the maker.

We invite you

Come see it for yourselves

Buying something that is handmade is not like picking something out of a wrack or off a shelf – it’s much more fun! This is shopping that speaks to your individual style, that introduces you to fresh ideas and that gives you access to pieces you can’t buy on the high street.

Now that we’ve introduced ourselves and Goldsmiths North, we’d like to invite you to come and see it all for yourselves.
Goldsmiths North 2020 will take place from 10th to 12th July.  We’d love to see you there!


Brett Payne  |  Rebecca Joselyn
Goldsmiths North Directors

Brett Payne

Goldsmiths North Director

Brett has been silversmithing in Sheffield for nearly thirty years and sells his work at exhibitions and craft shows all over the UK and abroad. He is a Freeman of the Cutlers’ Company in Hallamshire and a Liveryman of the Goldsmiths Company in London.

Rebecca Joselyn

Goldsmiths North Director

Rebecca started her business back in 2006. Her work has grabbed the attention of many journalists and, as a result, has been featured in newspapers such as the Sunday times and the Financial Times ‘How To Spend It’. Back in 2008 her work caught the eye of the Duke of Devonshire and he still follows and collects her work today.